Film is an arrangement of images edited together to form a story.  The editing can be seen as an expression of the filmmaker’s ideas.  I found Breathless amusing; the creative editing use of jump cuts captivated my attention.  As we watch films, we usually embrace the life of the characters we are watching and temporarily place our own to the side.  However, this use of jump cuts would disrupt the continuous shots and had me focus more on the message of the film rather than the character’s story.  Films cause the viewers to react and think, making them more of a participant rather than just a viewer and Breathless did just that.

I also found the film to be humorous.  The main character, Michael, appeared to be a ladies’ man and spoke down to females yet he was helplessly in love with Patricia.  He was constantly contradicting himself.  His devious ways, such as the time when he rejects money, then steals it directly after she places it back in her purse, was comical.

The closing dialogue was humorous yet left me somewhat confused.   The officer translates Michael’s last words to Patricia incorrectly and we are left wondering, did he intentionally translate incorrectly or was it a true misunderstanding?  Aside from the confusing ending statement, I really enjoyed this film.  It was different and because of the jump cuts, it did not feel as though it dragged on.

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