La Jetee

La Jetee is a short film containing a series of still images.  Using voiceover, the narrator provides a story for the viewers.  It begins with a boy witnessing a man being killed at an airport.  The story continues with the memories of a man being experimented on.  Although it is unlike any other film- there are no moving images except for that one instant where the lady blinks, I found the story captivating.

The images are first seen very lonely until we are introduced to his lady friend.  As his fascination of the lady dims, she goes away.  They bring her back into his thoughts by whispering to him and she reappears.  During a date at the museum, they both appear happy.  However, when war is mentioned their faces are distorted and black spots appear.  This distortion provides a sense of negativity from the man’s memories of the war.

I really liked the way the story was structured.  As a spectator, we do not know who the man is or why he was murdered.  Also, we do not yet understand the purpose of introducing us to this little boy witnessing this murder.  As the story progresses, we learn they are attempting an experiment on time travel to avoid deaths and war.  We follow the man traveling to the time pre-war and are led to the airport where the story initially took place at.  We then learn that the little boy had witnessed his own death.  That ending was completely unexpected, which is what made it captivating, different and great.

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  1.   cyna13 Said:

    on December 8, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Indeed, this short film really got to me. I never realized how still images can be so mesmorizing in a film. The images of the man in the hospital were real eerie and dark since there’s no explanation for his purpuse there given at the begining. The black and white images also gave it a creepy and uneasy effect. I never realized that the war images kind of distorts their faces, which creates a dangerous clouded atmosphere.

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